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Li Jin

Li Jin's Aquarium

from October 1st until October 31st 2015


Dubner Moderne is pleased to announce the exhibition,

Li Jin's Aquarium

a solo exhibition by the contemporary Chinese ink painter Li Jin, that is the result of our close collaboration together. The exhibition will take place from October 2nd until October 31st 2015 and the vernissage will take place on Thursday October 1st at 18h.

The body of work from which the exhibition takes its name, is a collection of 27 individual watercolor paintings with drypoint and 2 drypoint prints. As a collection Li Jin's Aquarium is a seminal body of work that exemplifies Li's ability to explore the immeasurable possibilities of expression, humor and thought with his delicate detail and witty joie de vivre. It is this ability to use all of his available artistic tools to transform a single, repeated subject into varied and unique works that share form but not statement. Whilst Li Jin's Aquarium is a slight departure from his customary technique, it is precisely this change that compels us to consider the narrative of the entire "school of fish" rather than simply appreciating each individually.

Born in 1958, Li Jin is recognized as a master of Chinese ink painting whose work preserves tradition whilst defining present and future art scenes, He has exhibited throughout Europe, Asia, the USA and his work is part of museum collections including the Hong Kong Museum of Art, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and the Today Art Museum in Beijing.

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