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Choong-Sup Lim


 Choong Sup Lim est né en 1941 en Corée du Sud. Travaillant à New York depuis 1973, Lim exprime une liaison entre la nature et la culture. Ses oeuvres se composent de différents médiums, souvent avec des objets trouvés par terre dans les rues de New York. Pour lui c'est une opportunité d'explorer la relation entre ses expériences de l'environnement urbain et naturel.
  Dubner Moderne a le plaisir de publier la première édition limité de M. Lim avec la maison d'imprimerie Burnet Editions à New York.


  One day, I was walking one of the streets in Manhattan. Everybody was busy to go somewhere. Suddenly, I had to stop moving my foot forward. A dried leaf came to me along with the wind and softly settled on my foot. In that moment, I had an unexpected awakening to nature in the concrete jungle. 
  My art work is based on the awareness of humans in nature by creating a harmony of a void space and a unique shape of pictograph from a Chinese old character (ideograph) depicting a leaf.
  In Asian culture, red symbolizes fire, blue symbolizes water, and yellow symbolizes earth. The connection between those three essential elements of nature is air. With various ways of mixing the three main colors of lights, I found the color of air which trembled my spirit. The color seemed close to white and showed the variety of all the colors.
  By directly attaching Asian cotton thread on my final print work, I expressed the harmonious embracing of human and nature.

Choong-Sup Lim
August 16, 2009

PLATE SIZE:  17" x 15"
PAPER SIZE:  25" x 21.75"
MEDIUM:  Two plate, color etching with aquatint and sugar-lift, with additional silverpoint and assemblage of twine and painted wood by the artist.
EDITION SIZE:  20 with 5 Artist’s Proofs
PUBLISHER:  Dubner Moderne, Lausanne, Switzerland
PRINTER:  Burnet Editions N.Y.C.