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Alice Gaskon

The Open Work

from February 12th until March 7th 2015

Opening February 12th at 18h


Dubner Moderne is pleased to present

The Open Work

a solo exhibition of new paintings by Alice Gaskon, her first at Dubner Moderne.

The exhibition will be on view from February 12th through March 7th 2015 with the vernissage on Thursday February 12th in the presence of the artist.

In The Open Work the canvas is not simply the medium, but rather, the subject of a response to form, structure, construction and aesthetic. With sculptural transformation and bold geometric forms, Gaskon, reimagines her artistic approach, blending painting with installation. The canvases, no longer flat planes, entertain new dimensions as they are cut, folded, draped and layered. Not only is the front on view but as well, the back, the stretcher and even the wall upon which they are hung becomes part of the work. As the exhibition's title suggests, the works are literally opened, but so too are the variations of interpretative possibilities.

Taking inspiration from and sharing the title of Umberto Eco's Opera Aperta Gaskon's focus within the works is straightforward and concentrated. The visual aspects and their construction is her main concern. Each work, is defined by it's formal elements, that is to say, its perceptible features such as color, size and composition. Once realized each piece, in a particular space and time, is meant to contain all of the meaning necessary for the viewer to openly and freely engage it. As Eco explored in his writings, each of the pieces are discreet "fields of meaning" yet together as a complete exhibition Gaskon invites us to consider her response and our own appreciations of form.

Born in 1985 in Warsaw, Poland Gaskon's works have been exhibited throughout Europe and the US in solo and group exhibitions. She is a graduate from the Academy of Fine arts in Warsaw.

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